Social Selling – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-13

Social Selling

Session Length: 14-18 hours* | Target: All staff, all Levels | Prerequisites: B2BSE 1-10 helpful but not required | Delivery: taught live or webinar

Successful B2B sales professionals manage their accounts and territories much like a top wealth manager manages a portfolio. They are continually working on plans to expand account relationships to build mutually profitable business. They correctly assess relative account value and adjust their time, efforts, and resources according to a combination of an account’s current volume plus its future potential.

Note: the content in this module is continuously updated to reflect current and emerging best practices in social selling.

*The length of this module varies by the inclusion of practice sessions within the module, as well as the inclusion or exclusion of topical content. Topics in Social Selling include:

    • Social Selling Stats & Trends – the entire selling process has changed
    • Networking Basics – doing the right things will pay off quickly
    • Your Personal, Professional Branding
      • What makes you a highly trusted brand?
      • Tools to monitor and raise your brand
        • Social Networking – unleash the power of the social network
        • Building Your Own LinkedIn Profile
          • 27 steps to create & maintain a complete, client facing-profile
          • How to score your own LinkedIn profile (and improve it)
          • Insider secrets that drive sales and make you a sought-out provider and trusted expert
            • Expanding Your LinkedIn Network
              • Strategies for growing your network with the right connections
              • Guidance on connecting with clients and competitors; settings; capitalizing on views; visibility
                • The Top 15 LinkedIn B2B Sales Strategies – deep dive in to what does and does not work
                  • Advanced research strategies and tools for companies, markets, prospects, competitors, and more
                  • Advanced strategies for connections, groups, visits, rich media, downloading, buyer personas, Premium membership, content publication and curation, 50+ sales trigger events, and more
                    • Your Social Selling Index Score and Personal Action Plan
                    • Additional Course Considerations for B2BSE-13:
                      • Seven different workshops integrated into this practical, hands-on session
                      • Requires online access during the session
                      • Optional assessment of LinkedIn profile available

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