Selling Skills Video Workshop – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-17

Selling Skills Video Workshop

Session Length: 8 hours | Target: All staff, all Levels | Prerequisites: B2BSE-1-10 | Delivery: taught live only | Number of participants per session: 3 to 5 people

Most sales professionals learn new selling skills and practice them in front of prospects and customers in real-life selling situations. Occasionally a sales professional can get feedback gleaned from the observations of a boss or colleague who observed them in a selling situation. Rarely if ever does a salesperson get an opportunity to observe him/herself in a selling situations the way a customer sees him or her. Participants in this module get to see themselves on studio-based film in selling situations and receive peer coaching in-the-moment, film analysis, and optional professional coaching.

Topics in the Selling Skills Video Workshop include:

    • What is “Sales Presence?”
      • The impact of sales presence on sales success (Amy Cuddy)
      • Building an action plan to improve your sales presence
        • Today’s Communications Skill Best Practices:
          • Verbal communications
          • Non-verbal communications
            • Topical Best Practices Refresher:
              • In preparation for videotaping, a refresher session on needs assessments, presentation, or resistance skills (the activity to be videotaped, as defined by each client).
                • Videotaping Workshop:
                  • Customized scenarios based on individual client needs
                  • Choice of needs assessment, presenting solutions, or handling resistance
                  • Flight 1, an 11 minute scenario enacted with live audience feedback (peer coaching)
                  • Flight 2, a 7 minute scenario enacted with written feedback
                    • Individualized Video Coaching Sessions (optional and client-definable):
                      • Analysis of participant’s two video flights plus a one-hour coaching call to discuss
                      • Written analysis provided to each participant

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