Storytelling in Business – Leading Through People™ , Module 31

Storytelling in Business

Session Length: 4-5 hours | Target: All Staff, All Levels | Prerequisites: None | Delivery: Taught live (with workshop) or webinar (without workshop)

Everyone loves a good story. We’re inspired by a story appeals to both the head and the heart, and we remember the truths an effective story imparts. Whether dealing with customers, fellow professionals, or the community at large, the ability to tell stories more effectively helps us to better engage one another. This practical workshop is designed to help each participant create effective stories from their own life lessons. Here’s what we’ll cover:

      • Why is Storytelling and Why is it Useful in Your Profession?
    • Storytelling Basics
      • It starts with the storyteller
      • It is effective when it engages the audience
      • It resonates because of the story-worthiness
    • Storytelling Techniques
      • Capturing audience attention
      • Dealing with distractions and interruptions
      • Tell the story, not a summary
      • Perfecting your stories
      • Best practices tips and techniques
    • Storytelling Workshop
      • Identifying five stories you can tell today
      • Developing and practicing your stories

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