Time Management for the Professional (TMSP)

Time Management for the Professional (TMSP)

Session Length: 1 Day | Target: All Sales Personnel | Prerequisites: None

  • Time: The Ultimate Depleteable Asset
    • Perfect Equality and the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule)
    • The Urgent Versus the Important
    • Personal Productivity Time Zones
  • DATA: The Building Blocks of Sales Productivity
    • D is for DISCIPLINE
    • A is for A-B-C Prioritization
    • T is for TO DO List
    • A is for ATTITUDE
    • Applying DATA to My Sales Channel and Schedule
  • Time management Tools and Technology
    • Manual or Electronic? You Make the Call!
    • What to Look for in Your Choice
    • Microsoft Outlook: More Than Just E-Mail
    • Organizing Your Work Area
    • Making Voice Mail Work for You
    • Dealing With Time Management Challenges
    • Dealing With Procrastination
    • Dealing With Interruptions
    • Dealing With Missed Deadlines and Lateness
  • Planning and SMART Goals
    • SMART goals
    • Turning My Business Goal Into a SMART Goal
    • Developing an Action Plan for My SMART Goal
    • Implementing MY Sales Follow-Up Plan
  • A Selection of time management tools for the sales professional

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