Managing Expectations & Information Up, Down & Across – Leading Through People™, Module 24

Managing Expectations & Information Up, Down & Across

Session Length: 4 hours | Target: Supervisor and Above | Prerequisites: none | Delivery: Taught live or webinar

Are your people all on the same page, or does it seem that they are going in different directions? The ability to properly set expectations upward (with supervisors), downward (with staff), and across (with peers) is a top contributor to team alignment and execution. Participants in this session will discover immediately applicable and practical approaches to improving team efficiency, productivity, and overall employee engagement. Here’s what we’ll cover:

      • How The Best Managers Manage Expectations and Information
      • Managing Expectations Up, Down, and Across the Organization
        • Five general rules for managing expectations
        • Managing staff expectations in the event of a potentially unpopular decision
        • Managing your supervisor’s expectations when your assignment will be late
        • Managing expectations when assigning staff a critical, complex project
        • Managing a peer’s expectations when requesting his or her support
        • Managing your supervisor’s expectations when you disagree with his or her request
        • Powerful phrases for effectively getting cooperation and buy-in when setting expectations
      • Managing Information Up, Down, and Across the Organization
        • What is/are the purpose(s) of the information you manage?
        • Reporting progress on assignments and projects
        • Using the BIG 10 report to manage project/assignment reporting up, down, and across
        • Using one-on-one update meetings with your staff and supervisor
        • One-on-one information sharing best practices
        • Using team meetings effectively to engage and direct staff
        • How to overcome special challenges found in team meetings

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