Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Session Length: 4-6 hours | Target: All Trainers and Facilitators | Prerequisites: None

Taught as a stand-alone course or in conjunction with any BMG course.

This workshop is designed to turn the ‘prisoners’ and ‘vacationers’ that show up to a training seminar into eager ‘explorers,’ boosting skills retention by as much as 60%!. Topics include:

  • Prisoners, Vacationers and Explorers – how to get all participants involved quickly
  • How Different People Learn New Things
  • Facilitate Learning Techniques
    • The Art of Asking Questions; Questioning Techniques
    • Stimulating Interaction and Excitement
    • Building and Using Flipcharts
    • Dealing with Distracting Personalities
    • Keeping Class ‘On Schedule’ and Flowing Smoothly
  • Twelve World-Class Training and Facilitation Tools and Job Aids

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