Selling With Emotional Intelligence – B2B Sales Essentials℠, B2BSE-15

Selling With Emotional Intelligence

Session Length: 7 hours | Target: All staff, all Levels | Prerequisites: Requires completion of an online EQ assessment | Delivery: taught live or webinar

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is becoming an increasingly important skill for sales professionals to learn, practice, and master. People don’t buy from people they don’t like and/or don’t trust. Study after study shows that salespeople who practice EQ effectively are more readily liked and trusted by their customers and prospects, tend to out-perform the average sales professional, and tend to go farther in their careers.

Topics in Social Selling include:

    • What is Emotional Intelligence and Why is it Important for Sales Professionals?
      • An emerging trait of the top 5% of sales professionals
      • Identifying essential high EQ competencies and applying them
        • Tools to Measure Emotional Intelligence:
          • Behavioral profiles, what they measure, and how to use them to increase EQ
          • EQ assessments, what they measure, and how to use them to increase EQ
            • Empathy, the New Super Power
            • Developing Your Own Emotional Intelligence (Building Your Action Plan):
                • Gathering an accurate picture of yourself
                • Identifying the EQ sales habits worth acquiring
                • Creating your EQ action plan and implementing it
                • Monitoring your progress and gathering feedback
                • Emotionally UNintelligent Body Language
                  • How is emotional intelligence related to body language?
                  • Facial expressions, eyes, gestures, distractions, professional distance, and closed postures
                    • Using Emotional Intelligence in the Selling Process
                      • Better understanding your prospect’s business and sales assertiveness
                      • Applying optimism and problem solving to sell more
                    • Hiring Emotionally Intelligent Sales Staff (optional 1.5 hour manager/HR staff workshop):
                      • The EQ areas to evaluate in sales candidates
                      • The surprisingly high cost of making bad hires
                      • An EQ Hiring Toolkit (assessments, EQ revealing questions, interview strategy, peer interviews, and reference checks)

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