Leading Through People™ Series

Leading Through People Series
      • Consider this:
        • According to Glassdoor.com, leadership and culture are the Top Two factors for attracting and retaining talent, ranking three times more important than money.
        • Gallup, in their recent research, the State of the American Manager, reported among US adult workers that “at some point in their career, one in two employees left their job to get away from their manager.”
        • It costs just a small fraction to equip managers to lead effectively, versus what it costs to replace the good talent bad managers cause to leave.
      • Since 1998 we’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful companies to equip their supervisors, managers, directors, and vice presidents with the current and emerging best practices of leadership and management. With more than 10,000 managers trained worldwide across a broad spectrum of leadership and management disciplines, Leading Through People™ continues to be our most in-demand training series. In 2015 we began offering our entire series as individual topical modules that can be configured to meet any organization’s unique needs. Most modules include the use of pre- or in-session assessments as part of our diagnostic-prescriptive design.

        Begin by Measuring Baseline Knowledge with Leadership Essentials™ Assessments

        Our Leadership Essentials™Assessments are designed to help you measure individual and team knowledge and awareness of the current and emerging supervisory and leadership best practices. Leadership Essentials™ Assessments are completed online and allow you to identify individual and team strengths and need areas. Armed with the results, you’ll be able to make better training decisions. Each assessment measures 10 competencies and approximately 350 best practices:

        • Leadership Essentials™ Assessment 1 measures 1) Planning & Staffing for Recruitment; 2) Screening & Interviewing Practices; 3) Final Candidate Selection & Hiring; 4)Onboarding; 5) Establishing Goals & Objectives; 6) Leading with Ethics & Standards; 7) Setting Clear Expectations; 8) Teaching New Skills; 9) Assigning Work; and 10) Time Management & Prioritization.
        • Leadership Essentials™ Assessment 2 measures 11) Observing & Documenting Performance; 12) Providing Effective Feedback; 13) Coaching Employees; 14) Motivating Employees; 15) One-on-One Meetings with Staff; 16) Career Development Meetings with Staff; 17) Helping Employees Solve Problems; 18) Evaluating Employees; 19) Performance Evaluation Discussions; and 20) Correcting Performance & Behavioral Deficiencies.
        • Leadership Essentials™ Assessment 3 measures 21) Leading With Core Values; 22) Emotional Intelligence; 23) Employee Engagement; 24) Leadership & Communication Styles; 25) Management vs. Leadership; 26) Leadership Networking; 27) Change Management; 28) Succession Planning; 29) Strategic Planning; and 30) Operational Management.

        Leading Through People™ Available Modules

        Target: All Supervisors and Up | Prerequisites: required for some modules | Session Length: varies by module | Delivery Method: taught live and/or via webinar – see individual modules for details

        What Makes Leading Through People™ Unique

        You have many choices for training today. Your wisest choice is the one that returns its investment quickly, in the form of improved results in revenue, teamwork, expense reduction, margins, and profitability. We get this! That is why only Leading Through People™ offers this unique set of value-creating benefits:

        • Relevance – We incorporate your organization’s mission, philosophy and values in every course, using your reports, programs and policies in each in-class workshop.
        • Recency – Every LTP Module is in a continuous development mode, enabling us to incorporate the freshest ideas, technology and thinking from the today’s thought leaders, in every course we offer.
        • Practical – Your organization is not theoretical, nor is the marketplace in which you operate. Every concept and skill your staff learns is a field-proven best practice.
        • Immediately Applicable – Every LTP participant practices the new skills they acquire in class, in order to put them to work the next day, to the benefit of your organization.
        • High Retention – Our Discovery-Based Learning™ methods have been shown to enable participants to retain up to 90% of what they have learned after 90 days.
        • Diagnostic-Prescriptive Design – Many of our LTP Modules utilizes pre- and/or in-class assessments to help participants identify the areas of greatest learning opportunity. Class time is spent filling gaps between best practices and where each student starts out.
        • High Engagement – Ben Franklin could have been speaking about Leading Through People™ when he declared “Tell me and I forget…teach me and I remember…engage me and I learn.” We don’t lecture, we engage!
        • SME Faculty – Every instructor is a subject matter expert in the area he or she teaches, and has at least 15 years of successful leadership experience at the V or C level. Many teach business curriculum at the Master’s level.

        Related Leading Through People™ Services

        We’ll partner with you to ensure you get the maximum ROI on every training investment with Boyer Management Group. Consider how these optional services can help your organization optimize the results from Leading Through People™:

        • Executive Coaching – We’ll help you develop an individualized program for any and all individuals in your organization, to help them master every LTP skill, and report on each person’s progress.
        • Executive/Board Overview – Executive/board overviews assure that participants’ supervisors understand what their direct reports are learning, along with tools to observe, measure, and reinforce individual progress.
        • Assessment Center – Take advantage of some of the world’s best assessments offered by Boyer Management Group, to improve hiring, onboarding, teamwork, or skill/competency areas
        • Train-the-Trainer/Content Licensing – Some of our larger customers (such as AT&T, BP, VF Corporation, and Sprint) prefer to administer their own training programs, and Boyer Management Group is your partner in this process.

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